Nicole Oman

Zia has phenomenal healing abilities! I have been working professionally as an energy healer for over decade, and I have received energy healing sessions from many practitioners over the years, and I can easily say that Zia’s work is one of the most accurate and powerful that have I ever experienced.
Zia has helped me dive deeper into the subtle issues of my relationship with my husband. For a series of sessions, she picked up my fears around trusting my husband to provide for me. As she brought this to my awareness, she helped me process my issue energetically and she also gave me great advice and perspective of where he was coming from as well. After our sessions I would share with him my experience and her insights. Each time I would relay the guidance she had given to me, it seemed to unlock him as well. Not only would she help me, she began to heal him as well.
Zia is compassionate and honest. She cares deeply for your healing and progress. She is loyal and reliable. She is passionate and dedicated. She is a professional.
If you are really looking for deep healing and change in those areas that are stuck and tricky, Zia is the right practitioner to have by your side, to walk you down those unfamiliar roads, and to help you find your power on the other side!

Kuma – Loki – Mochi

Zia is a force! I have had readings on all three of my dogs Kuma, Loki & Mochi… and my mind is blown! Zia knows things that no one could ever know or guess. Case in point: my reading with Kuma, she mentioned how she was feeling tension in his jaw… teeth grinding. Kuma does this! I have never even heard of dogs doing this …he is my first! Really random, detailed and extremely on point feelings when tapping into what issues my dogs have been going through. It has really helped me understand how to deal with each of them better and help them be calm, heathy & happy. I really can’t say enough about how amazing she is. The whole experience is so comfortable and fun…you just want to keep talking! Highly recommend!!! Love her! Rose

Damaris Moonspirit

“Zia is thorough & attentive during her Reiki Healing sessions. I tend to find it challenging to quiet my active mind when trying to meditate or relax however during my session with Zia, I am quickly in a deeply relaxed meditative state effortlessly. Her ability to channel Reiki energy strongly, which I was able to sense as soon as she began the healing, was evident of her many years of experience as a Reiki Master. She also incorporated other elements like a tarot card reading & conveyed an intuitive message which was heartfelt & deeply encouraging. I would definitely recommend a Reiki session with Zia for deep relaxation & to feel rejuvenated. “


“I have a 5 year old Rottweiler that was showing aggression towards people, was reactive to any small animal that he came across, would jump on my small kids, and would run so close to people that I was afraid he would knock someone down. I started giving him the flower essence as directed. Within one week I was able to see a difference. He appears to be calmer and is responding better to me. I also started aggression training with him and I was able to see the difference when I give him the flower essence vs when I don’t. I forgot to give him the flower essence on one occasion and he actually became aggressive towards the trainer. I just ordered a second bottle. I’m so glad I gave this a try!”   Silvia & Chop


“Zia is a gifted, compassionate and non-judgemental healer who has supported me in various stages of my journey over the last 3 years. Whether in person or on Zoom, she is fully present to share her knowledge as it relates to your present situation. I’m so grateful to know her and continue to work with her as part of my “team” of people I go to for growth and care. “

–Durga K. 

Tarot Readings, Shamanic Energy Healings & Coaching



“Gaia was born with hydrocephalus, which means she was born with water on the brain. In her it has manifested with walking a little wobbly, walking in circles, not liking to be touched, not able to wear a collar or go for walks. She doesn’t like to be crated.

Oh my gosh she changed Gaia’s and our lives💜 Gaia is hydro, and for a year we could barely touch her, and for the first time ever, after the first session, she came and laid her head in my lap💜 Zia is amazing”💜🙏✨ – Rhonda Glover

Rebecca Mayer

Zia is a natural and generous intuitive healer. When she started offering card readings, I tried one for fun and was immediately overjoyed to find so much resonance in the guidance. Her energy work feels like an influx of joyful and liberating power in my system, lighthearted but also really deep. I was able to work with her to integrate my own experience with her energy work. She would ask “what are you feeling or seeing right now?” And when I answered, she was able to explain the story behind the feeling or imagery more fully and help it resolve itself. I’m grateful Zia is in the world and offering her special intuitive gifts. Please work with her if you can.

Ron The Cat

“Zia gave me great support with my 14 year old cat Ron.
He had stopped eating and I asked her to do reiki and see if she could identify why.

She communicated with him and told her he “I’m not eating because it hurts to eat.” Then she did some distance reiki.

He had been mostly hiding, and after the reiki session he came out and snuggled and slept with me. He was also much more relaxed when I took him to the vet. Sure enough there is an infection in his tooth. He is getting antibiotics and will get his teeth worked on.

He was hiding again, but after another reiki session he came out for snuggles. And he ate a little. He showed Zia he wanted his spine massaged. He sat for a long time for that, purring. He is out of hiding today. I am grateful for the blend of treatments to support him and his health.”

**This whole support plan was done doing distance reiki utilizing only a picture for connection. Reiki can be done in person or distance**

Jessica Robledo

Jessica Robledo

“I am new to what reiki is and wanted to see what it was about.

Somehow Zia got me into a deep resting state. I noticed her hands got very warm the longer the session went on.

I didn’t have any specific reason to have a reiki session done but afterwards I felt so rested, my anxiety was lowered and I had a clear mind.

I would have another reiki session done since I can now see how it can help to lower my anxiety.”

Penny The Cat

Zia was very helpful with my extremely difficult 7-year-old cat. Penny exhibited behavioral issues (aggression and separation anxiety) since day one, especially given her feral nature. Zia’s energy healing sessions clearly had a very calming effect on Penny. While she wasn’t able to directly touch Penny due to her aggressive behavior, Penny was very attracted to Zia’s Reiki healing from just a few feet away.

Penny remained in the same room the entire time, and appeared completely at ease—almost in a trance-like state. She laid on the bed and simply beamed and purred in response. No aggression whatsoever. Zia performed two healing sessions, and Penny showed the same positive response both times.

Puma *Milky * Baby Dinosaur * Cookie

“Zia is a truly gifted healer and animal communicator. I have four cats, all of whom have separate and unique issues. Zia was able to assess what issues were surrounding my cats, what they were feeling, what messages they wanted me to know and what I could do to help.

Cookie has a heart murmur that she immediately picked up on and gave me needed information as to how I could proceed.

Puma is my oldest cat and she lulled her into such a calm state she could’ve slept. She let me know what chakras we’re blocked and what to do for her thyroid. She also picked up on the fact that she would like some Rose Water. I bought some and she was in heaven! She loves it!

My other 2 cats—Baby Dinosaur and Milky have suffered from an ongoing upper respiratory infections and she let me know immediately they were suffering.


She has a true way with animals. I’m lucky if someone can get through to 1 of them but all 4 of my cats were incredibly receptive to her. I am so grateful for the guidance and her reassuring energy. She helped the cats and she helped me, too. She has a vast knowledge of herbal and homeopathic medicine, too and made helpful suggestions. I can not recommend her enough! I have a diverse group of animals and she tapped into each one, winning all of them over while she was there. My cats seemed more relaxed and in tune with me, too after she left. She is truly talented! Zia is the real deal! If you’re need someone to do energy work on your pet, who is well-versed in herbal medicine and is a true animal communicator, she’s your girl.  – Angela Stubbs

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