The Spring Equinox Energy Reading

March – Sept 2023

The theme of the next 6 months is coming into alignment with the fates, with the plan you create, with diving into your intentions of creations and activating the True Self.

My spirit guides recently have been relaying the message of dream bigger, write down what you desire, and be deliberate with your creations. A message I feel echoed here.  The first card out is Skywriting, the fates #49. This card as I feel into it is saying that spirit wants you to allow your dreams and visions to soak up into the celestial realms, the ether, the higher dimensions…both to co-create and allow the messages from your higher self and up from the subconscious to allow them to come into sync. I feel the act of writing what you desire and why you desire it will help bring some awareness to you that may be lying dormant in the subconscious. We have the moon on this card, so that speaks to the emotional world, healing, and subconscious. I heard Oprah say yesterday when asked, “How do successful achieve their goals and desires”, probing her for a how to or series of steps…and she responded, “Successful people KNOW WHAT THEY WANT”.  So explore what is it you want, and write it down. Joe Dispenza frequently advocates writing down what you want, then letting the Universe bring it into fruition.

There is also a message of being in non-judgement. One part of releasing the past and manifesting the future is radical acceptance of what was and what is. In the acceptance piece you find freedom. You’re not resisting anything. See if you can start accepting the imperfections, the challenges, and yourself and who you are right now on your path. Start to embrace more curiosity about who you are, what you can create and be curious about what the world wants to bring you. Your success is written in the stars, but you must make the leap and trust.

            Let me unpack this a little for you. Sometimes people want a corvette, but what they really desire is respect or admiration from others. Sometimes people want a house, but what they really desire is not to have to move every 6 months, to feel stable and secure. Make sense? So, spirit says what do you want? And even better what are you wanting to feel?  There is a magical power in writing down what you want in the same way that creating a vision board works. You are creating the first step to achieve those goals by knowing the what, the why and the feeling.

            The next step in the manifestation process after the visioning and feeling is to start to take action in the world. The card is the Deep Diver, Diving Into a Task #10.  In the same way that you have dived deep into the subconscious to bring desires of who you want to be up to the surface, the energies speak of diving deep into the process of being that. For this is where you find alignment and manifestations attract to you. You make it real in the inner world, to see it real in the outer world. You want to be a business owner, start being a business owner and doing things business owners do. You want to be in a relationship, start doing all the things you want from a relationship right now. Either with yourself or friends. And even better, write a list of what you want in a partners, then start doing the work to become that yourself…This card also speaks of having to be courageous and move from shallow waters into the depth. Having to embrace more courage. Having to put yourself out there in a more expansive way. It’s in the process of stepping into the tasks that you’re going to let your inner light out and the world will see. Like the jellyfish on this card, you will need to ride where the currents take you, you may have to be a light in the darkness for others, or you may have to pull out from your inner self to light your own way through the darkness or the unknown. You may only be able to see the next step then the next step and so on….

Spring is the time for your Activation. For you to be the weaver of your own reality. The energies I spoke of months ago are here to leap-frog you ahead. Spirit is all around you, here to support you. Remember that what you think and believe, affects the way you feel and that ripples out of your field into the 3d world. Spring represents re-birth and new cycles beginning! Every card in this reading has spoken of being curious, being courageous and moving forward even through any challenges or roadblocks you may face….Just keep going! You have already planted seeds that are ready to sprout now. Don’t resist the growth that you’re about to experience and all the beauty it will bring with it. Spirit Guardian of Spring, Activation #36

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