Flower Essences for People


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Flower Essences

What Are Flower Essences

“A simple and natural method of healing through the use of wild flowers. The remedies treat personality disorders of the person rather than the individual physical condition.”

Flower essence remedies are made from a variety of plants, flowers, trees and bushes. Each remedy relates to a commonly experienced emotion.  The essences are electromagnetic forms of the flowers in which they are in the highest concentration of life force in the planet. They are tinctures of liquid consciousness.  They are created by floating the flowers on the surface of water for an hour or so. Similar to making a sun tea. The water becomes imbued with the harmonious flower essence of the flower.

Flower Essences were reintroduced in the 20th Century by Dr. Bach, Rudolph Steiner, and more. ***

“Flower essences are liquid, pattern infused, solutions made from individual plant flowers, each containing a specific imprint that responds in balancing, repairing and rebuilding manner to imbalances in humans on their spiritual, physical, emotional, mental or universal levels”. Machalle Small Write

Flower essences are like tuning forks. The essence of the flower ingested enables the body to start vibrating at the frequency of the flower essence, bringing you back into balance with that particular healing characteristic.


States Of Mind They Address

Worry.    Anxiety.    Apathy. Impatience.    Hopelessness.    Shock.    Not Trusting One’s Self      Over-Giving of Oneself      Being Easily Discouraged.    Jealousy      Envy     Suspiciousness.   Insomnia  and more….


“Treat The Patient Not The Disease” 

Custom Blends

You can start with pre-made blends or a Custom Made Blend. I always recommend the custom blend because it will be tailor made for you. I prefer to treat the person not the symptom.

If you decide to start with the pre-made blends and you don’t notice a difference within 2-4 weeks, I would recommend contacting me for the Custom Blend at that point.

We will meet via Zoom or I will send over a personality questionnaire to determine which blend will be right for you. Then I will mail you your custom blend and affirmations sheet for humans.

Pre-Made Human Blends



 I Live My Purpose! Blend –  This blend helps you focus on your purpose and not helping everyone else. When you sacrifice your own desires. Helps you put yourself first. It helps you start to believe in yourself and not look outside of yourself for answers. You trust yourself, connect to your inner voice and have confidence with the decisions your making.  Stay true t your own self, dreams, desires, and live you choose. Helps you stay focused on tasks. Helps with major life changes. To help you open up to new things and be flexible.   Centaury, Cerato,  Rock Water, Walnut . 



I Can Sleep! Insomnia Blend –    This is not a sedative so you do take it 4 times per day to help reprogram the root mental & emotional causes of insomnia.  When lack of sleep is caused by fear, panic, feeling in danger. Never quiet alert during the day or feeling rested. Helps relieve the stress of being unable to fall asleep. The overactive mind. Impulsive, racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts, feel like you’re going to snap from too much pressure or stress. Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens,  Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, White Chestnut.



I Can Speak My Truth!  – When you lack self-confidence or feel inferior. When you’re hesitant to speak because you think you’ll fail or be rejected. When you’re afraid of public speaking, groups, certain types of people, being in public. For those who take the blame for problems and have difficulty setting boundaries or with an abuser. For feeling good enough, to have your needs met. For helping you move past being stuck or in unbearable circumstances.  Larch, Mimulus, Pine, Sweet Chestnut



I Can Forgive! Blend – To assist with forgiving yourself or others; especially with situations you find unforgivable. For people who feel like a victim. Self-pity due to life’s difficulties. For those who feel bitterness & resentment. If you obsess about a fight, the situation, what you might say next time or should have said. When you can’t let it go. Helps you reconnect with a spouse or friend after an argument, or if you feel distant and awkward after the situation is resolved or anger passed. Beech, Holly, Olive,  Pine, Willow, White Chestnut.



I am Enough Blend – For those who suffered long periods of mental and emotional abuse. For people pleasers & perfectionists (due to abuse/trauma). For those who tend to care more about what others think of them. For those who feel they always could have done better.  For those really strict with themselves about diet, exercise, bound by structure and discipline (in order to be enough). To help release extreme pain or suffering. For those who have reached their limit and can’t bear anymore (criticism from others or their own inner voice) To ease with big life changes, (like leaving an abusive partner/cutting off parent) Helps you break free of difficulties from the past. Larch, Pine, Rock Water, Sweet Chestnut, Walnut. 



I Am Connected – For those who are homebodies and prefer privacy. For those who feel like the outsider even in a group of friends. If you have no desire to socialize or get to know knew people. Helps to reconnect with friends or spouse after a fight. Helps calm the anxieties regarding meeting new people and discomfort. Social Anxiety. For those who don’t share their worries or negative emotions freely. Fear of Vulnerability. For those who feel self-conscious and worry what others will think of you.  Agrimony, Mimulus, Water Violet,  



I Can Receive Blend –  To assist with allowing yourself to receive when you tend to be a giver. “Over-Generous” Temperament.  When you do too much of other people’s work for them.  When you are too sacrificing of your own desires and needs. Feel it’s your job to fix everything and make everyone else  is ok.  For those who fear something bad will happen to the if they don’t help others (IE karma or god’s wrath, going to hell).  Helps you reconnect with people in an EQUAL and loving way.   Centaury, Chicory,  Cherry Plum, 



Calling in a Relationship Blend – For those who naturally prefer to be alone, for those who were rejected by peers as a child, who have given up on meeting someone, prone to depression, lacking self-confidence or impotence, feeling unclean – contaminated – or smelly (things that would prevent connection).  Violet, Cerato, Gorse, Larch, Crab Apple


Keep in Mind

These essences help clear the distortions from the psyche and the body. This will require the person to change if you want to return to health. The process of this may bring to the surface the real nature of your personality which might be surprising and confrontational. My energy healing sessions can assist you with anything brought to the surface to be dealt with, as well. These remedies can be used as one tool in your self-development tool box. Helping you bring yourself back into alignment one problem or imbalance at a time. You may need to use these remedies like peeling layers off an onion until you get to the root imbalance.


They are a natural non-toxic product and do not produce side effects and complications so frequently associated with the use of drugs and other pharmaceutical products.

***All essences are blended from Bach Flower Essences

***(Some of this information was taken from my herb school ‘Intro to Flower Essences’ packet)

****This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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