Merkaba Art Piece


Merkaba Art or Clock

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Art pieces created by Rich Gold.

What is a Merkaba?

A sacred geometry symbol that means “Chariot”. It also has 3 components that mean light, body and spirit.

When I personally connected with Arch Angel Metatron, who is said to be the creator and keeper of sacred geometry (which are the building blocks of the Universe) he told me the merkaba is “A vehicle for transcending dimensions of consciousness.”

The Merkaba also holds a balance of masculine and feminine energies.

This art piece is one that you can use to meditate on or with and use the energetics of for your room or house.
Dimensions 22′ x 22″ by 1 ”

*Available in custom colors
**Custom designs ship in approx 1 week. It is handmade, so shipping times vary depending on how many orders currently processing at one time. Estimated ship date will be emailed after purchase if it is over one week.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 1.5 in

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