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I offer start times of 5:00 / 5:30 / 6:00 / 6:30 pm for this offering. Contact me due to calendar limitations. zia@thevioletcrow.com

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I was trained originally in Usui Line of Reiki over 15 years ago. I utilize in my healings color therapy, light therapy, elementals (water, air, fire, grounding), ho’oponopono practice, repairing tears in the aura, and other ways of shifting energy and providing support for the client and their energy field. Even people who haven’t had much energy work report feeling energetic changes in their field while receiving healing, even over video distance sessions.

Physical Body Reiki Package

This is a package of 4 energy healings to focus on any physical health issue.

If you have had any long term chronic illnesses that don’t ever seem to get better, energy healing is a perfect option to try. It can get to the root of the emotional pain or mental belief that is trying to get your attention through the physical body.

Such as:

Headaches or migraines         Hair loss                   Allergies

Nerve pain                                 Insomnia                  Constipation

Tinnitus                                     Urinary Stones         Recovering from Chemotherapy

Asthma                                      Gastric ulcers            Recovering from Surgery

Chronic Nosebleeds                Hemorrhoids            Sciatica

Gallstones                                 Anemia

and more…


The energy healing treatments does not promise to “diagnose, treat or cure” the ailment, however can assist with pain relief, energy levels, connecting to the root of the mental and emotional causes, and more. True healing comes from the willingness of the person to see the root causes, willingness to accept the energies, and a willingness to grow through the physical alert.


**Session payments are required at the time of scheduling and are non-refundable. However, they may be credited to a future date if you reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment. No shows to any appointment may apply a 50% credit towards future sessions. As I’ve planned my day around the scheduled appointment and shown up to provide the services.

This policy was created due to no shows and people late to appts. This boundary creates a respect for my time and schedule.**

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