Relaxation Pillows – Eye Pillows


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I use these at night when winding down to help fall asleep at night
You can also use these for insomnia to help relax with the aromatherapy of Chamomile & Lavender.

100% Organic Lavender, 100% Organic Chamomile, Rice. 9″ x 3 1/2″ x 1.75″ approx. These are all handmade so dimensions may slightly vary.

Lavandula x intermedia – From Croatia/Albania/Bulgaria, Calendula officinalis from Egypt

Lavender has been used for hundreds of years to decrease anxiety, induce relaxation and aid with insomnia or sleep. There have been studies that show in hospitals that patients who had lavender scented rooms resulted in sleep improvements and lowered blood pressure. When sleeping with lavender aromatherapy people in one study showed slower heart rate, lower body temperature nad had stronger theta and alpha brain activity. Study Link on NIH website


When you place your order you can choose the pattern you like. We don’t have consistent fabrics. They are usually 1 and then they are gone! So if you see one you like buy right away!

Weight 0.78125 lbs
Dimensions 5.375 × 8.625 × 1.625 in

Pink with leaves, pink dots, purple with pink bamboo, blue design, blue yellow white flowers, psychedelic dots, sunflowers, purple and blue design, orange red blue shells

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