Self-Practice Reiki Group


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Wednesdays 6:30-8 pm PST 90 Min

Reiki is a practice an art. The more you practice the better in tune you are with your self, your intuition and you become a better healer for others.

If you are an energy healer, your number 1 priority is Self-Care. If you are doing regular energy healings as a service, make sure that you’re doing regular reiki on yourself. I’ve found that in doing self-reiki is how you get in touch with your intuition styles. That is how you learn if you are “hearing” through visual style (clairvoyance) which are images, colors, memories, audio style (clairaudience), feeling style (clairsentience) or knowing style (clairecognizance)
In learning your own field and connecting deeper and deeper to your intuition you’ll be better prepared to read other people’s energy fields.
This is regularly scheduled self-care that is affordable and going to help boost your energy, your intuition and your self-confidence when working on others.

This is an opportunity to show up for yourself weekly and get your practice started if it has fallen off due to the chaos of daily life.

Each week we will meet, do a short guided meditation and then do a self-practice. This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn from me and others in the group. We will have a topic and area of focus, and try different methods and symbols as well.

We will primarily focus on doing a full body chakra treatment as taught in Energy Healing 1 or as in any standard Reiki class.

*This will include a 7 Chakra Journal Page and a Journal Recommendations Guide for taking notes during the practice.

Weekly Topics & or guided meditations

Dec 6, 2023 – A “rooting” grounding exercise

Dec 20, 2023 – An anchoring grounding exercise.

Dec 27, 2023 – 3 techniques for opening to reiki energy


Jan 2024 (all 5 weeks) – Working with the symbols



1 Session, 4 sessions

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