Shamanic Energy Healing Package


**All energy healing work is temporarily unavailable.

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**All energy healing work is temporarily unavailable.

Who is this for?

For people who are committed to their healing process.

This package is designed to be bi-monthly (every other week).

Shamanic Energy healing work dives deep into the subconscious to find the source of your wounding that is keeping you from living from a space of freedom, love and full integrity.


This type of session is for you if:

You suffer from Emotional ups & downs, Grief, Anger, Irritation, Depression & Anxiety.

You suffer from Addictions.

You suffer from feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life.

You were the child of a narcissist.

You’re wanting to conceive a child.

and more…


You are ready to feel self-love.

You are ready to feel FREE!

You are ready to start building momentum.

You are ready to feel healthy and develop a new relationship to your emotions and mind.


How Many Sessions?

Energy healing is not something that typically resolves issues in one session, the same way as therapy doesn’t typically solve your problems in one session.  This package is a set of 4, which  are used every other week, meaning a 2 month duration. The thing to keep in mind is Shamanic Energy Healing is so powerful, that issues you’ve been trying to sort out in therapy for 15 years, could shift transform and no longer be an issue on the forefront of your life any longer. It does the healing job much more quickly. I do believe you should have a good self-care practice while doing energy work, as it can bring up a lot of emotions and memories to process through.


How does it work?

You communicate to me the challenges you’re having in life or your intention (IE: call in a relationship, have a baby, self-love journey) and I tap into your energy field to get intuitive guidance.  I use my intuitive gifts to guide you through your challenge, past lives and use energy healing and a form of psychic surgery to help clear blockages and karma from your energy field.

Want to schedule a consult to see if this is a good fit? Email Zia@thevioletcrow.com

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