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**All sessions are exclusively online via Zoom or video chat.**

Tarot Reading

This is a reading that is done live via Zoom and recorded for you to download later. You can choose a general reading or ask a question. I have many decks to choose the ones the resonate with you.

30 Min – This is a good reading if you want to get familiar with me and my energy or have a decision you’re trying to make.

60 Min – The one hour is the perfect amount of time for a full typical reading. You can ask many questions and get lots of clarity and direction on how to move forward or what blocks you’re facing right now from moving forward.

A great reading to gain mental clarity.

This is a written reading and emailed over to you (within 48 hours).

This reading typically timed around your birthday (solar return) gives you a look ahead at the theme of the year, some lessons you may be working with, your biggest block and challenge, and what will happen each month. These readings typically take 4 hours to prepare and average about 3-5 pages PDF.

Party Booking – 2 hours

Will do mini-sessions for everyone in attendance. Fun addition to any party.

*These sessions are now Zoom recordings. Each person gets approx 30 min. Fun to do with friends.

I was trained originally in Usui Line of Reiki over 15 years ago. I utilize in my healings color therapy, light therapy, elementals (water, air, fire, grounding), ho’oponopono practice, repairing tears in the aura, and other ways of shifting energy and providing support for the client and their energy field. Even people who haven’t had much energy work report feeling energetic changes in their field while receiving healing, even over video distance sessions.

This 1 hr 15 min session is reserved for helping you replenish, rejuvenate and feel better after periods of high stress, grief and losing a loved one, toxic work environments, relationship endings etc.

This is a rejuvenating session where I send healing and replenishing energies into your chakras and aura. I also will do Chakra Balancing at the end of every session. That means that all chakras will be flowing at the same speed and flow. I bring in energies from the Divine Masculine from the Cosmos and balance you with Divine Feminine from Gaia.

There is little to no talking during this session. This session is very different from my Shamanic Energy Healing Practice which is more of a shadow working process. My energy healing is focused very differently during those sessions. That is where my gifts shine and recommend you work with me in that fashion.

Replenish Remove Revitalize

Replenishing and Rejuvenating. I will call in the energies of Arch Angel Raphael to help fill up your energy centers. You may feel tired all the time, you may use your energy to support others, you may be stressed. During this session, I harness many soft colored lights to refill and top off your 12 chakra points.

Cleansing & Purifying.   I will call in Ganesh, Kali, and your main spirit guide to pull out what not longer serves you. I use my talents with psychic surgery to pull out blocks in your physical body or aura, and cut any cords that are not reciprocal energies that are draining you and no longer serving you. This will be all about cleansing out and removing the old. I then fill in the cleared spaces in your energy body with light and patch any tears in your aura that are in need of repair.

Revitalizing & Rebalancing.  I call in Mother Mary and Quan Yin to fill you up with love and compassion.  I go back to the 12 chakra system. I make sure your new energy centers are still full and reprogram the energy flow, to make sure it’s balanced in all chakras. I make sure your aura is filled with the purest kindest light, so that you may begin attracting more of what you desire into your field.

Session Packages

Shamanic Energy Healing Package

This is for those who are dedicated to their spiritual work and practice. Those who are wanting to clear energy blockages and cords, out of their mind, body and emotions. When you sign up for a package, your energy shifts and helps you clear what doesn’t serve you. I find this the most effective way to address long standing issues. I prefer a 3-month container to work within because that is where you will see the most results. This is the way I prefer to work with people as you get the quickest progress and most observable results. These are typically used once per week or every other week; sold in packages of 4.

How Does It Work?

You communicate to me the challenges you’re having in life, and I tap into your physical body, your mental body to hear some of the repeating thoughts you’re having or hear messages from your higher self or spirit guides. I  tap into your chakras and energy body to start clearing energy stagnation, blockages, imbalance and get your energy field flowing properly. I tap into your emotional body to bring old stuffed emotions to the surface and out. Through this process we identify different repeating patterns, thoughts, and traumas that are keeping you stuck in your current frequency and free you to move forward. I also will give you different assignments or activities you can do on your own time to assist with creating momentum.

I find that when working to remove issues that have plagued you for a lifetime(s), it requires more than one session. The way I work is going into your energy field and it showing me what needs to be done, what is on the surface to be cleared first. What you may find in the sessions is the themes below:

Healing The Inner Child

Work primarily on the Feminine Side of your energy. Healing Mother wounds & feminine energy.

Work primarily on the Masculine Side of your energy. Healing Father wounds & masculine energy.

Blend or unite the two energies Masculine &Feminine. Work to refill, replenish, and focused on filling all of your energy body, with your core-self light.

Getting the Channel Open

Getting your Channel open from the Crown Chakra down through the body and out through the feet

Getting the Channel open from the Feet up through the Crown

Getting the Chakra flow balanced from Crown to Third Eye, Crown to Throat, Crown to Heart, Crown to Solar Plexus, Crown to Sacral, Crown to Root

Getting the Chakra flow balanced from Root to Sacral, Root to Solar Plexus, Root to Heart, Root to Throat, Root to 3rd Eye, Root to Crown

Physical Body Healing Package

This type of healing is best for rejuvenation, severe emotional distress, burnout or addressing a particular physical body health issue. I will follow a protocol specific to certain health complaints. I do not promise the session will diagnose, treat, or cure an illness or injury. (Disclaimer As required by the FDA)

The head or head injuries Fever above 103. Eyes

The nose Ears The Mouth

Throat Lungs Heart

Liver Intestines Bladder

Uterus. Kidneys Insomnia

Ulcers Gallstones. and more…

**For any physical issue you must buy a 4 session package and complete it 4 days in a row (or as close together as your schedule will allow. Preferably within 1 week.)

We have 12 DNA strands that are typically masculine and considered “active” and we have 12 DNA strands that are considered feminine and are laying dormant until reawakened.

The codons of DNA strands that are being addressed have to deal with addiction, thoughts about self, nervous system, brain, blood system, respiratory system, Auric field, Muscular & Skeletal System, Skin System, Will and Intuition.

*In person only*

I will connect with your animal (dogs, cats, horses, pigs, etc) to see what messages it has for you and what might best support its mental, physical or emotional health. I offer tips on training, herbal supplements, flower essences, and more.

As I’ve been involved with animal rescue for over a decade I’ve had many opportunities to communicate messages from pets that were having guilt for getting lost from their family and not able to find their way home, to their rescuer. And help that pet release the self-guilt he was holding. I have been able to let the owner of a horse rescue know that the one horse she used to integrate the newer traumatized horses, and those who needed nurturing before passing, was feeling quite weighed down with this responsibility. Her heart just needed a rest and break from all the loss. I’ve helped one dog with hydrocephalus communicate her love to her rescuer and finally allow touch between the two, when there was none previously. One owner contacted me because her cat was not eating, I was able to identify there was pain in her mouth and not related to any other ailment. A veterinarian confirmed with diagnosis after being seen, and came out from hiding after receiving healing reiki energies.

Many people don’t realize the depth of animals emotions and ability to pick up on discord in the house. There’s tremendous benefit in discovering what is going on in the mental and emotional realms of your loved pet (dog, cat, horse, goat, pig, etc)


Zia’s path to healing was through COMPASSION. Compassion for SELF and OTHERS. This is the frequency she holds and the frequency she teaches.

Zia takes a multi-faceted approach to helping you heal: *physically * mentally * emotionally * spiritually*

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