Angelic Communications & Healing Course

A new live round will be starting approx Summer 2023

Communicating and Healing with Archangels

Round 1 March 2021

The Archangels of the 4 Directions & Elements

Week 1 : Archangel Michael (South)  (Air)

Week 2: Archangel Gabriel (West) (Water)

Week 3: Archangel Raphael (East). (Air/Earth)

Week 4: Archangel Uriel (North) (Fire) *4 Directions Invocation Meditation.

**Class Recordings for viewing on Vimeo. Handouts & Journal/Meditation Prompts Available for Download. 


Round 2 of Class. March – April  2021  Archangel Metatron

Week 5: Archangel Metatron pt 1 – Sacred Geometry Cube Activation

Week 6: Archangel Metatron pt 2 – Pillar of Light

Week 7: Archangel Metatron pt 3 – Emotional Waterfall Cleansing

Week 8: Archangel Metatron pt 4 – Grounding with Gaia (Recording Temporarily Not Available)

**Class Recordings, Handouts, Journal/Meditation Prompts Available for Download 


Round 3 of Class: April 27 – May 18, 2021 Working with Archangel Zadkiel

Week 9: Archangel Zadkiel Pt 1 – Violet Flame Wind Crown Chakra Activation

Week 10: Archangel Zadkiel Pt 2 – Karma Cleansing and Life Purpose Activation

Week 11: Archangel Zadkiel pt 3 – Dancing Violet Flame Fire of Joy

Week 12: 7 Chakras, 7 Angels Chakra Rainbow Aura Clearing & Soul Retrieval

**Class Recordings, Handouts, Journal/Meditation Prompts Available for Download 


Why Work with Angels? : Help find more peace, joy and understanding for why things are the way they are in your life. Start to recognize the things that happen are gifts and opportunities. Start to feel more mental and emotional balance. Start to feel as gifted from the angels heightened compassion, sensitivity and freedom. Working with them opens your heart to more love you’ve ever felt in your life. Start feeling supported and connected to beings in the other plane and other dimension. Closer connection to God and God’s will for your life, your will aligned with god aka Life Purpose.


When learning about the angels:

you will learn their name meaning, some historical context or stories about them, how or what themes to ask for assistance from them for, some other name spellings or associations, some imagery typically associated with them in art or symbols, what astrological signs they may be associated with, crystals you can use when working with them and more…


The format

is set as introductory lesson about the angel or methods/techniques/rituals for connecting with them and the last section is a guided meditation combined with energy healing and attunement. Some of the lecture topics included are: Signs from Angels (Numbers, Feathers, Symbols), how to know if the messages are from your angels or your ego, how to ask for assistance, and refining how you communicate with each guide.

Each meditation

will also be a group energy healing, upgrade and attunement. Utilizing the powers of the angel we are working with that week, and myself.

At the end of the course you will have a greater knowledge of the Archangels and have hands on experience with communicating with them yourself and receiving your own personalized messages for how to move forward with your life, heal yourself and more. You will also have the recorded meditation to reference, listen to and heal with for your lifetime.

You will also receive Weekly/or Monthly Journal & Meditation prompts (per Angel) to encourage you to start opening up the lines of communication with each angel throughout the duration of the course. 5 prompts per week or Angel.

This course will be opened and extended as I feel called.  You can attend one session or a month at a time.

This class is for you if you’re feeling called to deepening your relationship with the angels and learning to meet them on your own accord.


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