Energy Healing 1 – Online Course


Energy Healing 1 is an online self-paced course for you to learn your energy field and start practicing reiki after your Reiki 1 attunement.   For more information about this course click here

What Will You Learn

In this course you will go on an 12 week/3 Month self-paced journey that is one part Content Learning & one part Self-Practice:

  • Learning what your field, channel and the 7 chakras are.
  • How to start sensing energy and learning what your intuitive style or gifts are.
  • How to prepare your space and your field for energy work.
  • You will start developing your opening prayer and closing prayer for calling in your guides and thanking them for their assistance.
  • How to scan your chakras.
  • How to open chakras.
  • Beginners tips for energy transmutation.
  • What your aura is and how to sense it.
  • 4 energy flows to get you started.
  • and more…

  By the end of the journey you will know yourself and your field in a whole new revolutionary way! You will be more able to easily identify “that’s mine” and “that’s there’s”. Because you will know what’s in your own field and have been connecting to your chakras daily. I always wished I had a guidebook or good mentor to offer me these tips, tricks, and daily practices! This course is my gift to you, the guidance I always wish I had!


“I had never taken an energy class before but after receiving some healing work from Zia I thought it would be a great tool to expand my understanding of and how to work with my own energy.  This course delivered.  Each week I continued to be astonished as I would have my own experiences with the practice and then get to share in the experiences of the rest of the group which very much validated the “Gasp! I’m not crazy!  Look at how the practice is working for everyone!” mentality lol.  Zia covered a lot but always took time to answer or clarify any material no matter how “silly” I thought my questions were.  What was really great is this class wasn’t only for beginners but several skilled practitioners participated as well and it felt like no matter what level you were, everyone was getting something.  I don’t know that I’m drawn to being an energy practitioner myself, but I can say that Zia and this course allowed me to realize not only how powerful I really am but also how to expand and play in it.”
Nicole R.

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