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Reiki 1 Attunements open you up, sometimes for some people, for the first time to bringing in light or spiritual energy into your body. An attunement is a spiritual ceremony which allows you to connect to source energy. The attunement and reiki itself opens you up to a new way of interacting with and perceiving the world. You will raise your frequency and thereby often drop a lot of people, places and things that no longer serve you and upgrade many dimensions of your life. This is a life changing process that opens up your awareness and assists you in your self-development path.

Reiki level 1 grants you the abilities to work on yourself and plants.

(Reiki level 2 includes animals and family members or close friends)

(Reiki level 3 is any and all other people)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing art whereby the person giving the healing is channeling universe life force energies. This healing ray of energy was downloaded by Master Usui, in 1922, on Mount Kurama after a 21 day fast and meditation. Master Usui is said to have taught over 2,000 people in his lifetime but only 11 were considered masters. Our definitions of Reiki Master now is more of a title of Level 3 attunements rather than a “mastery” of the art as taught by him.  Reiki went from Japan to Hawaii, brought by Hawayo Takata Sensei where it was renamed and adapted as Rainbow Reiki. There are 4 aspects of Reiki. The healing practice, the personal development, the spiritual discipline and mystic order.

I am attuned to Usui Reiki heritage and thereby you will as well.


An attunement can help you to:

Raise your frequency to attract in higher vibe people, places and things.

Help you to Let Go, leaving old issues in the past.

MENTAL  Clarity, shedding old illusions, mental habits and difficulty with decision making.

PHYSICAL – Chronic pain, injuries, strokes, anxiety, depression, headaches,  just to name a few. It is NOT a guaranteed cure, but it can be a very valuable tool in a well balanced lifestyle. That being said, I have since it perform miraculous results.

EMOTIONAL – You can find more emotional balance and more joy. You tend to see situations that are not serving your happiness more clearly and have the courage to take action. Old emotions tend to shed and fall away, upgrading you into higher path learning.

SPIRITUALLY – You can start to become more life purpose focused if you weren’t before. Start to be more of service to others, instead of self-centered. You start to connect to people, places, nature in a different and more unified way.

Every person reacts to an attunement slightly different. One of these areas of life can experience tremendous growth and others not so much. Everyone is different. You will receive exactly what serves you and shed what doesn’t as is divinely guided.


I will be doing the attunements remote via Zoom for the time being due to quarantine restrictions, or living further away. Space is an illusion and we are all one. Distance truly doesn’t matter. I do all my shamanic energy healings via Zoom and have no issue. After you purchase this attunement you will receive an email to download your Energy Healing 1 PDF Booklet. I will also email you to schedule your attunement.  If you live in the Inland Empire within 30 min of my house, I will be happy to schedule this attunement in person at a park, your home, or outdoor venue where I feel safe to do so.


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